Science Boot Camp Training
For more information regarding professional development services and/or consulting services, please contact
 J & J Educational Boot Camp at 305-423-1999 or fill out the form below.
  Science Bootcamp Training - 12 person minimum (5 hours)
  $100.00 per person
  Science Bootcamp Training - 12 person minimum (2.5 hours)
  $75.00 per person
  Science Webinar Overview - Up to 25 Attendees (1 hour)
  $225.00 per session
  Mathematics Bootcamp Training - 40 person minimum (5 hours)
  $150.00 per person
  Mathematics Bootcamp Training - 40 person minimum (2.5 hours)
  $100.00 per person
  Mathematics Webinar Overview  - Up to 25 Attendees (1 hour)
  $225.00 per session
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 J & J Educational Bootcamp provides teacher trainings (professional development) and consulting services in the areas of mathematics and science, using our line of games and resources.

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