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 J & J Educational Bootcamp was founded in 2005 by a team of educators and curriculum specialists. The purpose of the project was to strengthen the testing aptitude of school-aged students grades 3 Ė 8. The science and mathematics Bootcamp games were created from the J & J Educational Bootcamp quest for learning improvement. Teacher-made and student-approved, our games have proven to be a fun approach to the mastery of mathematics and science skills, and preparation of students for standardized testing.

Our products are user-friendly and straight forward, though training is optional. The state standards are specifically printed on the game card questions, student workbooklets, and teacher resource materials. At J & J Educational Bootcamp, our passion is student achievement and our goal is MAKING LEARNING FUN!
Scientifically-based research findings were the basis on which the J & J Educational Bootcamp products were created. The results of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT 2.0 ) further proves the programís success.

Our mathematics and science games facilitate practice in each cluster, or big idea of the state standards. Each of our games is highly interactive and provides immediate feedback using non-threatening methodology. The programís effectiveness is attributed to the use of visual and kinesthetic learning methodology including: sorting strategies, hands-on labs, drawing concepts through simple art, vocabulary building through games, reading strategies through graphic organizers, and opportunities for students to teach one another.

 Our Math Bootcamp program utilizes the gradual release model of instruction to help students master unwrapped benchmarks, providing the skills necessary for mastering practical applications. The program encompasses a daily company drill for maintenance and hands-on fun and games to engage all learners.
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